Tips & Haircare Q&A

Is it true that color will damage my hair?

Well, some hair color systems contain a high amount of ammonia. Also they can be lacking a great percentage of conditioning agents that your hair needs to maintain healthy hair. The color systems we use in our salon is tailored to condition during your color service, leaving your hair feeling and looking beautiful without damage.


I love my hair color but its so dull, how can i achieve permanent shine with my existing color?

Well, at our salon we would service you with a beautiful demi glaze that will keep your color looking beautiful for several shampoos.


How do I know how much to tip my stylist?

Customarily, a good guideline is to tip 15-20% of your total bill. If your stylist had an assistant such as one who would shampoo your hair, it is courteous to tip that person as well.


I would like to add extensions to my hair, but I’m not sure which method is good for my hair?

Well, glued wefts are less costly, but they last only 2-3 weeks. If the wefts are removed properly, there would be no damage to ur natural hair. Sewed wefts are more costly, but they last 6-8 weeks. If hair gets proper maintenance before and after wefts are applied, then damage is less likely to occur. Every 2 weeks services is recommended with sewed wefts.


How can i maintain a head of healthy hair?

Regular salon visits will be needed. Every week or every 2 weeks is suggested. Also, getting your ends clipped when needed is essential. Treating the hair with special conditioning treatments are also recommended. Here at our salon we specialize in treating the hair with our own cocktail conditioning treatments.